Paper Object

Jisueng Octagonal box 

Jiseung Jokduri Box

In the past, in Korea, women wore an unique head ornament called 'Jokduri(Korean traditional bridal crown)' for weddings and special ceremonies.
The box which kept the Jokduri, was used not only to store valuables, but also to decorate the boudoir.Jokduri box was mainly made of wood, and was gorgeously decorated with metal and mother of pearl.I made Jokduri box out of paper using an unique Korean traditional craft technique called 'Jiseung'.

'Jiseung' means a string made by cutting long and twisting Korean traditional paper called 'Hanji'.First of all, to make an Jiseung crafts, Hanji is cut long and twisted to make a single string.And double string is made by twisting two strings like a straw rope.The single string was used as the weft line, and the double string was used as the warp line to weave craftworks.

This Jokduri box was made with a turtle shell pattern, and the upper part of the lid and the lower part of the body were woven with only one string to give a decorative effect.The inner frame of the main body of Jokduri box was solidly made by weaving a single string in two layers, and it was finised with glutinous rice paste.The Jiseung octagonal Jokduri box is made of two layers, so it is strong and practical because it is very light compared to its sense of volume.