Cho Eun-Hee is a jewelry designer based in Seoul, South Korea. She majored in French language and literature at SookMyung Women’s University, after graduation she worked as a web designer for 5 years. Then she felt her design limitations in the work environment where she had to work only with a monitor, and she wanted to work while experiencing the physical properties of various materials with her hands, and to broaden her working spectrum. So she became interested in crafts and entered the Department of Metal and Jewelry Design at the Graduate School of Techno Design, Kookmin University.

Her main work style is to reinterpret the elements of traditional Korean crafts in a modern way and realize them in diverse works. All the creative transformation processes, including metal crafts, textile works based on Korean traditional needlework called 'Gyubang Craft', Korean knots, and paper jewelry based on Korean traditional craft technique called ‘Jiseung Craft’, are revealed together in the works of her jewelry brand, "Lang Lang". Then she launched her jewelry brand, ‘Lang Lang’.

In addition to her work, she once taught traditional jewelry classes at the 1300K Live Academy for 5 years and published a book introducing her jewelry making of which name is "Lang Lang's Traditional Accessories in everyday life"

Currently, her works can be found at the Korea Traditional Cultural Experience Center at Incheon International Airport, many museum shops and the KCDF Gallery Shop, which sells high-quality works by professional craft artists.

Tradition shines with beauty in modern life

In the past, the women of Korea adorned themselves with traditional ornaments. Those ornaments have come into the modern era with the help of Korean designers at brands like "Lang Lang." Lang Lang creates cultural products with traditional Korean designs. Ornaments like the 'Jokduri', worn on the heads  for sepecial ceremony like wedding of Joseon-era, and the baessi daengi, worn by children, have been adapted for modern style while maintaining their traditional beauty. These accessories can be seen in the  museums shop and the Korean traditional culture center in Incheon airport, currently leading Hallyu trends. Lang Lang breathes new life into traditional ornaments in a unique way. The 'Tteoljam' ornament, which was previously only seen in museum exhibitions, was reinterpreted by designer Cho Eun-Hee to become a casual accessory. Lang Lang′s traditional yet modern accessories are making Korea′s traditions more accessible to today′s public.
 "Lang Lang's Traditional Accessories in everyday life" written by Cho Eun-Hee
(Korean title : 랑랑의 일상 속 전통 액세서리)